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The First Batch of Brazilian Graduates for Advanced Traditional Chinese Medicine Training has Completed Their Study in Our University
The release date:【2019-04-30】  click:【

Recently, there were 12 Brazilian students accepted the intermediate level of TCM clinical training and well completed the study in our university. Gao Bo, the vice President, awarded the certificates of completion for the graduates. Our affiliated hospital made full preparations for this study and sent well-known experts to give lessons in acupuncture, moxibustion, tuina, bone fracture, rehabilitation and other subjects. In order to ensure the training effect, the university also sent the English and Portuguese teachers to help the class teaching.

In the affiliated hospital, the students took courses in acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, tuina and bone fracture. Through the theoretical study and clinical practice, students have further understood the relevant theory and have a new understanding in the process of diagnosis, treatment and techniques. All the students have gained a lot and showed their admiration to the teachers.

The participants also watched the Tai chi performance, visited the Chinese medicine herbarium, ancient book room, TCM Clinic, pulse laboratory, life science museum, simulated ICU, Chinese medicine processing technology base, medicinal botanical garden, etc.
During the study period, the Brazilian students also visited the ancient city Zhengding, and had a profound experience and understanding on the history of Chinese culture and the spirit of the Chinese nation.
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