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"Chinese Bridge · Exploring TCM" Opens
The release date:【2021-03-04】  click:【
"Chinese Bridge · Exploring TCM" opened at 6:30am(19:30 Brazil time), March 2nd via Chinese Plus. Zhang Mingli, Member of the Standing Committee and Vice-principal, attended the ceremony, as well as Professor Francisco, Dean of Confucius Institute, faculty from International Office, School of Basic Medicine, School of Acupuncture and Mobustion(SAM), School of Pharmacy, and 100 students from Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Vietnam. Wei Long, Director of International Office, hosted the ceremony.
Vice-principal Zhang Mingli welcomed the students and introduced general situation of our university and international exchange and cooperation. “Given the epidemic, the online exchange program is a creative action to meet national needs of leaning Chinese and culture for Chinese and foreign language exchange centers, so that national friends can learn more about TCM and culture”, she said. She also sincerely invite students to come to HUCM to learn.
Professor Francisco said, “ ‘Chinese Bridge’ is a well-known brand in the field of people and cultural exchanges cross the globe.  Although national students can not go to China because of the epidemic, this online course provides with valuable opportunities to learn TCM knowledge. I hope students will study hard and enjoy it.”
She Yanfen, Dean of SAM, on behalf of the teachers, hoped that the students would take the opportunity to communicate with each other and learn more about Chinese culture and TCM.
Dai Huan, from the FUG in Brazil, and Sabrina, from the National University of Rosario in Argentina, as representatives of the students, said that “TCM culture is broad and profound. Participating in the project can learn more TCM knowledge and make national friends.” They are looking forward to communicating with teachers and students and deepening their understanding of Chinese medicine culture.
The project is sponsored and funded by the Chinese Foreign Language Exchange and Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education. The 19-day course covers culture and language through online live and recorded teaching, and introduces the origin and development of TCM, stories and legends of doctors and its landscape in Hebei, TCM idioms, TCM terms, oral Chinese and so on. Students will take a model of cloud class.
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