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The Chinese Association of Brazil Sends a Thank-you Letter for Epidemic Fight
The release date:【2021-02-27】  click:【
We received thank-you letter from Brazilian Chinese Association. The letter showed their most sincere thanks and heartfelt respect for the great help of overseas Chinese in Brazil during the global fight against Covid-19.
Since the global outbreak of covid-19, HUCM has actively promoted international anti epidemic cooperation, exchanged condolence videos and letters with UFG, donated masks and gloves, provided online health consultation and anti epidemic information for overseas Chinese in Brazil, and jointly carried out anti epidemic research with Brazil. We also novel assisted to open   online Covid-19 conference of experts from Brazil and China, sponsored by the World Acupuncture Association Academician Zhang Boli was one of the key lecturer. The program has been critically acclaimed by the experts in Brazil.
The letter is a full affirmation of our uni's contribution to the anti epidemic work in Brazil. HUCM will take this opportunity to strengthen foreign exchanges and cooperation, promote traditional Chinese medicine to the world and better serve human health.
Founded on October 10, 1980, the Chinese Association of Brazil is located in Sao Paulo. It has branches in Parana and other places with more than 200 members. The purpose of the association is to unite overseas Chinese and Chinese, to bond the feelings and friendship of overseas Chinese, and to seek the interests of Chinese society.


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