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Our Online Exchange Project Approved by Chinese Bridge in Center for Language Education and Cooperation
The release date:【2020-11-30】  click:【
Center for Language Education and Cooperation(CLEC) of the Ministry of Education issued an official notice that our "Exploring Chinese Medicine" as delegation online project was approved by funding 350000 Yuan. It is the first time to apply for the "Chinese Bridge" Delegation Online Project after the establishment of Confucius Institute of TCM. Five universities’ projects in Hebei province have been approved.
The International Office undertook the application. We will admit more than 100 foreign teachers and students who love Chinese and TCM from Federal University in Brazil and China University in Egypt. It will start online in March 2021, providing courses about Chinese, Hebei TCM culture, diagnosis and treatment training, ect. The event will promote the enthusiasm of foreign friends learning Chinese and TCM, deepen their understanding of Chinese language and culture. The measure will help Hebei TCM culture go abroad by telling Hebei stories well.
Under coronavirus, "Chinese Bridge" exchange project goes on online this year. It is organized by CLEC(Hanban/ Confucius Institute Headquarters) of the Ministry of Education. It provides Chinese and Chinese culture courses and cultural experience activities for international students to deepen their understanding of Chinese language and culture and stimulate their enthusiasm for learning Chinese.
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