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HUCM Holds Online COVID-19 Experience Sharing Lecture
The release date:【2020-07-24】  click:【

At 10:00 p.m. on July 11, lectures on COVID-19 (V) entitled "COVID-19 TCM clinic experience sharing"jointly held by our university, Ontario College of TCM(OCTCM) and Canadian TCM mobile cabin hospital consultation platform was presented online. The lecture was presided over by Professor Wu Binjiang, OCTCM President. Gao Weijuan, Vice-party Secretary and HUCM President, attended and delivered a speech. Zhang Mingli, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice president of HUCM, attended the lecture. Our affiliated hospitals TCM specialist Professor Mei Jianqiang, critical care TCM expert in National Health Commission, deputy head of the Hebei COVID-19 prevention and control expert group, gave a lecture entitled "COVID-19 TCM Treatment".


President Gao Weijuan warmly congratulated the lecture and introduced the basic situation of HUCM. Adhering to the road of internationalization, HUCM is one of the earliest universities for international exchanges and cooperation in Hebei Province. It hosted the first TCM Confucius Institute in Brazil and developed friendly relations and scientific research cooperation with universities in Brazil, Canada and other countries, and hoped more exchanges and cooperation. She pointed out that Chinese medicine played a unique role in the fight against COVID-19 which was widely recognized by international community. Our Affiliated Hospital send elite team to the front line of COVID-19 treatment. They fought hard, and made positive contributions to protecting people's life and health. She hoped   Professor Mei Jianqiang's lecture would help Canada fight the epidemic, build up confidence in victory so that to overcome the epidemic and build a happy life as soon as possible.

Professor Mei Jianqiang discussed in four aspects: TCM theory history of epidemic, the pathogenic characteristics of COVID-19, TCM treatment and strategies of COVID-19 prevention. He summed up five methods, killing toxicity, detoxification, inhibition and anti toxicity. He also put forward the idea of "attaching importance to the modern technology application" in TCM treatment. First, explore the TCM attribute of Western medicine supports. Second, study TCM attribute of Western medicine.Third, explore TCM attribute of Western examination index. He also answered questions afterwards. His wonderful lecture was highly praised by the participants.
Heads in Basic School, School of Acupuncture and Tuina, School of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, School of Pharmacy, Graduate School and International Office attend the lecture.
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