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A Blessing afar - UFG Sends Best Wishes to China
The release date:【2020-02-21】  click:【
“Bosom friends make distance disappear. As the new coronavirus is spreading in China, Federal University of Goiás (UFG), our partner institution in Brazil, have been paying attention to China and Wuhan. They record a video to send their well-wishes to China and voice their full support for the Chinese people from thousands of miles away.
Professor Edward Madureira Brasil, UFG President said:“I hope my Chinese friends know that I stand in solidarity with you during the fight against the new coronavirus epidemic. I have great respect for the Chinese people, the Chinese culture and the country that I have visited three times. I have had the privilege of establishing partnerships on behalf of our university with Hebei University of Chinese Medicine and the other university, so we stand ready in Brazil to work with our Chinese partners to bring this epidemic to an early end so that we can continue the cooperation we established last year. Wish you all the best!”
Professor Francisco José Quaresma de Figueiredo, UFG’s International Commissioner, Foreign Director of Confucius Institute has been focused on the coronavirus outbreak in China, and has constantly voicing support for China in anti-epidemic fight through various kinds of social media in Brizal on behalf of UFG Confucius institute of TCM. I would like to take this opportunity to express our support to our friends in China, who we believe can fight off the virus ultimately, he said in the video, We also look forward to having our Chinese partners back on campus and working with us as soon as possible. Come on wuhan! Go China !”
On behalf of our university, President Gao Weijuan wrote to President Edward to express her gratitude. In this cold winter, these warm wishes and firm support move us. We firmly believe that victory lies ahead!

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