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HUCM Participates in 2019 International Chinese Language Education Conference
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2019 International Chinese Language Education Conference(ICLEC) was held in Changsha from December 9 to 10. Sun Chunlan, member of the political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, attended the opening ceremony of the conference and delivered a keynote speech. Minister of Education Chen Baosheng addressed the conference. Zhang Mingli, vice president and member of HUCM Standing Committee of the Party Committee, led staff of HUCM International Office to the meeting. She also participated in the founding meeting of the League of Chinese Partner Institutions of Traditional Chinese Medicine Featured Confucius Institutes(LCPITCMFCI), and Hebei Confucius Institutes (Confucius classroom) Training Meeting(HCITM).
The vice-premier Sun Chunlan stressed that deepening the international Chinese language education makes the world know more about China, and build a more open, inclusive and standardized modern international Chinese language education system. Chen Baosheng addressed that the international Chinese language education taking Confucius Institute as leader is a common cause of both Chinese and foreign countries. He reiterated the purpose and mission of the Confucius Institute, and put forward six innovative measures to support the international Chinese language education in the next two to three years.
At the founding meeting of LCPITCMFCI, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education Tian Xuejun, and Ma Jianfei, Party Secretary of Confucius Institute Headquarters, jointly unveiled the board. The participants discussed and passed league work programme and 2020 league work plan.
At HCITM, Vice President Zhang Mingli introduced the preparation of TCM Confucius Institute with Goas Federal University in Brazil and work plan of next step. During the meeting, she exchanged in-depth views with leaders of Confucius Institute Headquarters, officials of the Embassy of PRCC in Brazil, officers in Hebei Provincial Education Department, leaders from Tianjin Foreign Studies University and other universities. She also held a symposium with Sandra Mara, vice president of the Federal University of Goas, Brazil,in regard of preparation and opening of the TCM Confucius Institute. The director of International Office also participated in those events.
The event(2019 ICLEC) was held for the first time on the basis of previous Confucius Institute conferences. The conference, with the theme "Innovation and Development of International Chinese Language Education in the New era", held  one special topic forum and 32 workshops to discuss and exchange topics such as international Chinese language education policy, teachers, and cooperation between China and foreign countries. More than 1000 representatives of Confucius Institutes and Chinese educational institutions from more than 160 countries and regions attended the conference.
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