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Officers in Provincial Foreign Affairs Office Make Research Study
The release date:【2019-12-10】  click:【
On the morning of December 6th, Ye Changqing, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Hebei Province , and Sun Maozhang, Director of the Oceania and America Branch, came to our university to investigate the international exchange and cooperation of Chinese medicine. Jiang Jianming, Secretary of the Party Committee, Zhang Mingli, Vice President, and Heads of International Office and Pharmacy School took part in the event.  
Vice Director Ye Changqing fully affirmed the achievements of international exchanges and cooperation in our university,after the report from Vice President Zhang Mingli on the construction of Confucius Institute of Chinese Medicine and the exchange and cooperation with Macao. He hoped that our university would put into full-play of talents, intelligence, scientific research and other resources to promote Chinese medicine to Portuguese-speaking countries and regions, forged our brands and formed our own characters.  He extended that the foreign affairs office will give full support on the formalities of visiting Brazil, planning opening ceremony, inviting experts and scholars from all over the world, and strengthen coordination and communicationwith Macao ,wide dissemination Hebei Chinese medicine and telling the Hebei story well will enhance the influence of Hebei, promote our province of traditional Chinese medicine in Hebei to go global, and contribute to the development of TCM.
Secretary Jiang Jianming sincerely welcomed Ye Changqing and his entourage to our university for their research and guidance, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the office for its long-term concern and support for the development of the university. He pointed the very strong practicability and pertinency of officersguidance at the grass-roots level over planning ideas and countermeasures, which is a show case of the deepening and practical implementation of the Partys thematic education. Our university will conscientiously study and implement the guiding spirit of the Office, strive to innovate the mode of TCM international exchange and cooperation, and make competent results.
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