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Vice Dean of Faculty of Chinese Medicine of Macao University of Science and Technology Zhou Hua visits HUCM
The release date:【2019-11-20】  click:【
On November 17 th, Professor Zhou Hua, Vice Dean of Faculty of Chinese Medicineof Macao University of Science and Technology(MUST) and Associate Professor Xie Ying(MUST), visited HUCM. Jiang Jianming, Secretary of the University's party committee, President Gao Weijuan, Deputy Secratary Sun Shijiang, and vice president Wang Xinguo, , met two guests cordially.
Vice President Zhou Hua and his entourage visited the Chinese Medicine Culture Center, the Ancient Books Library, the Chinese Medicine Formula Granule Technology Innovation Center, the Affiliated Hospital covering Decoction Room, Chinese and Western Pharmacy, the Spleen-stomach Disease Department, the Operating Room, etc. Professor Zhou gave a lecture on  ISO accreditation standards of TCM and TCM clinical research. The guests also engaged in close talks with related personnel from Hebei education department, Health Commission of Hebei Province, Hebei administration of TCM, Anguo city government and relevant departments, Shenwei pharmaceutical group co., LTD., Yiling pharmaceutical co., LTD., and digital materia medica testing technology co., LTD in regard to joint research on international standards of Chinese herbals, training of TCM talents, and clinical research on TCM dominant diseases,ect.
Zhou Hua, Professor of The State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine (MUST), Vice President of Faculty of Chinese Medicine, winner of NSFC Overseas and Hong Kong Macao Scholars Cooperative Research Fund (formerly "overseas outstanding youth”).
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