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Undergraduate Students Participated in TCM Studies in Hong Kong
The release date:【2019-08-26】  click:【

Recently, four undergraduates from our school, majoring in Chinese medicine and Integrated Chinese and western medicine, went to Hong Kong for a week-long research activity of traditional Chinese medicine. The higher education of TCM in Hong Kong, which started after the return of China, has distinctive characteristics in the inheritance of TCM essence, the cultivation of international TCM talents and the diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.
Through close exchanges and discussions with registered Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists in Hong Kong, the students had an in-depth understanding of the general situation of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong, the student cultivation system, the regulations on Chinese medicine dispensing, the clinical characteristics of acupuncture and moxibustion and the treatment methods of typical diseases. The students also visited the university of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist university museum of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine specimen center, Hong Kong Adventist hospital and other institutions, which further deepened the understanding of higher TCM education and medical management system in Hong Kong.
This study activity has broadened students' understanding of the TCM development, employment system and career opportunities in Hong Kong, and also promoted the interaction and exchange between the two sides.
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