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Brazilian Universidade Federal de Goiás Visits
The release date:【2019-07-08】  click:【
Recently, a delegation of 5 people including President of Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG), Brazil, Edward Madureira Brasil, and the director of International Relations, president of FUNDAHC (A Foundation that supports the University Hospital at UFG), dean of the Faculty of Nursery and others came to our university for a friendly visit.

Jiang Jianming, party secretary of the university, met with the delegation members and extended a warm welcome to them. He said that although China and Brazil are separated by thousands of miles, our friendship is profound. Over the past two years, Hebei University of Chinese Medicine has been conducting more and more exchanges with Brazil, hoping the two universities could conduct more cooperation in Traditional Chinese Medicine education, medical care and other fields.


The university president Gao Weijuan had a meeting with President Edward and his delegation. They introduced the basic situation of each university respectively, and had a in-depth discussion on the establishment of Confucius institute of traditional Chinese medicine, the development of teacher-student exchanges, the joint training of graduate students and the cooperation in the training of traditional Chinese medicine in Brazil, and reached broad consensus. The two sides also met with the provincial education department and Confucius institute headquarters. Sun Shijiang, vice secretary of the party committee of the university, and Zhang Mingli, vice President of the university, participated in the meeting, discussion or accompanied the visit. 
The delegation visited the Juquan campus, traditional Chinese herbal medicine processing inheritance base and affiliated hospital, Experienced acupuncture, massage, cupping and other particular therapy, and gave full recognition and praise to our educational strength and medical conditions. President Edward said, this visit deepened the mutual understanding between the two universities, especially the understanding of Chinese culture such as traditional Chinese medicine, and elevated the fraternal relationship between the two universities to a new stage.
Our university and Federal University of Goias established friendly relations in May, 2017 and maintained good contact over the past two years. This visit will further deepen the practical cooperation between the two universities.
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